The Great Pendragon Campaign


Player Characters as young squires

Session One

Year: 475AD the players had 2 pcs (or more): adult retainers from the Tisbury manor household Nic Rivers (stablemaster’s apprentice (Kelvin); Perin, chief scout/archer (Stephen); Marcellus, advisor (Manoj); Sir Merik, uncle/ veteran knight/ protector (Ad) + Bernard, the guard (Manoj) your young knights aged 10-11 (2 from Tisbury – Stephen’s pc, the heir Alein, and his ‘ward’ and friend Cymon the Saxon (Ad) plus Sedwyn (Manoj) and Owen (K) – who are friends.

The narrative was split into a) the Tisbury manor crowd travelling from Tisbury to Sarum and then onto Du Plain castle for a hunt, feast and melee with local lords, where intrigue over who would gain the hand of the Duke of Silchester’s daughter Ellen, aged 11…....

b) on the way they discover the near naked bodies of 2 men and a teenager in a ditch, looted and ambushed… the lad still lives – just …...his lord was a knight from Cornwall on his way to the hunt and melee…..

c) the pcs hunt down their killers, surprising them in their lair. Its a slaughter! Great bow work Perin (Stephen)! – and Sir Merik charges down the bandit lord. decapitating him in one go!

d) they take the bodies of the murdered and the villains to Sarum before travelling onto the Castle. Manoj’s schemer Marcellus, starts to convince the widow of Nolan, the now dead leader of House Tisbury, that she should consider a religious life and leave the House in his capable hands, I mean, the young lordling under his care….. Its in everyone’s best interests…. this upsets Merik when he gets to hear of what is afoot…. nothing at all to do with his feelings for the widow…..oh no…..

e) Word of Brave Sir Merik travels before them; Duke Ulfias and Earl Roderick welcome them at the Castle – esp the duke (Brian Blessed) – an OTT lord if ever there was one! he is so impressed with Sir Merik, that he is told he must lead the hunt on the morrow! Marcellus gets a kitchen boy to lose a mock fight with Alein in front of the lords in the hall – to get him some good publicity and to encourage his mother, widow Alanna, that he is a man now and doesn’t need her. Sir Blains, steward of Lecvomagus, vassal of Silchester, is seen angry that he is not talking with Ulfias – is rumoured to want his daughter’s hand (in marriage Kelvin, not as a momento!)

f) Next day – we kick start with the kids – who go exploring for Saxons etc…. with the Tisbury scout and horsemaster as guards….. and they find some! A quick combat later – and some quick thinking – and the Saxons are all dead.

Before the fight, the lads overhear Saxon voices – one sounds like a Brit speaking Saxon – in hiding, they disturb the peace and draw attention to themselves, and the try and hide harder whilst Owen gets help! Ad’s quick thinking gets his pc Cymon running from cover in front of the Saxons, so they see him and chase him, rather than find the others and kill them all slowly….. he runs back towards their guards – and fast (he is good at running!!) into the bow shot shooting range of Perin, the scout. He wounds 2 first blast, whilst 1 saxon gets stuck on a tree obstacle. Another couple of arrows take one Saxon down. Nic Rivers (stablemaster) axes and wounds a Saxon…. lower down the path, Alein bursts from cover to attack the Saxon aside the log – his sword hacks off the mail armour…..a single bow shot from Perin floors the man….who collapses bloody onto Alein, trapping him…. in the meantime cymon has swung around a tree at full tilt and joins Owen fighting a wounded Saxon. They try to take him down…. to be joined by Sedwin, who sticks his sword into the crack between the mans legs and shoves and twists the blade, urine, blood, shit and entrails raining down on his hand and arm…. the Saxon collapses in a heap. They are all dead. the lads are over the moon- and the lordships all take a Saxon torc each! They investigate the area where the talking came from – to find a clearing -and horse poo. The tracks tell them that the horse was missing its front right horse-shoe. An examination later in the castle tells them that is is possibly one of Blain’s brothers who was in the clearing – but it could have been 3 other knights…..

g) the hunt: Sir Merik is victorious with a small boar on the first day, and even more so the next with a bigger one.

h) Great celebrations that night – the lads’ glory is celebrated – not until Ulfias has teased them with an initial hostile/ angry reception – but the madman can’t contain his glee with their mettle! Manoj’s Marcellus manages to spin the events to shine more light onto his House’s lordling, Alein.

i) on the morrow, after a morning’s hunt is the Grand Melee – in which House Tisbury lines up opposite Blain and his men….. and Merik twats him unconscious before going head to head with Ulfius for the honour! ulfias knocks him down! Perin wins the archery contest – the best archer in the south!



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